EZE Standing #511 & EZE Standing Supreme #542


#511 ($12.80 / square foot)

#542 ($15.80 / square foot)
Recommended for:
machine shops, shipping and packing areas, factories, industrial workstations, service counters and cashiers.

The ultra-comfort mat with so many surface options.

The EZE Standing family offers a variety of durable surfaces permanently fused to create the ultimate ergonomic mat.

Choose Deck Plate with black or colored borders. Or specify EZE Standing's Spiffy Vinyl in one of 3 colors or Marbleized Rubber surface in one of 6 colors.
  • Overall thickness: EZE Standing: 1/2".
  • Overall thickness: EZE Standing Supreme 5/8"
  • High performance foam is softer and more resilient than vinyl foam.
  • Improved cold-temperature resilience.
  • Resistant to most common chemicals.
  • Guaranteed for 3 years against delamination.
  • Edges beveled on all sides.

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