Animal Mats

Paw PadsTM and Hoof TurfTM
Anti-skid, Anti-Fatigue Modular Floor Tiles

The Simple, Inexpensive way to keep Pets Dry, Clean and comfortable.

Paw PadsTM are used by:
  • Kennel owners for indoor/outdoor runs ans holding cages;
  • Groomers for bathing area floors, tubs, and grooming table tops;
  • Veterinarians for flooring in holding cages;
  • Pet Owners in basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms, portable cages, and dog houses;
  • Professional Handlers under excersise pens, inside shipping crates, and on vehicle floors.
Features and Benefits
  • Excellent for use indoors and outdoors
  • Self draining design keeps pets clean and dry
  • Helps reduce chance for disease
  • Resists animal wastes, shampoos, oils and other chemicals
  • Made of 100% recycled PVC plastic
  • Available in 20 colors
  • Easy to assemble interlocking design
  • Quick and easy clean up
  • Modular design allows Paw PadsTM to fit any space
  • Five year replacement warranty
  • Complies with regulations requiring floor mats for pets housed in cages with wire flooring
  • 6" wide edges available
Paw PadsTM are perfect for people, too!
Use Hoof TurfTM for All Areas Including Stalls, Wash Racks, Trailers, Aisle and Entryways.

Features and Benefits
  • Slip-resistant surface protects against injuries from slips and falls
  • " thickness lessens leg fatigue to animals
  • Available in solid, self draining or slip resistant grit top surfaces
  • Tiles are footed to promote drainage
  • Provides a cleaner more sanitary environment for animals and reduces bedding material and maintenance costs
  • Portable - the same tiles can be used in a stall, in a trailer and at the show
  • Non-absorbent PVC plastic resists damage from animal hooves or horse shoes and is resistant to animal wastes and chemicals.
  • 12" x 12" tiles can be trimmed to fit any angle
  • Can be shipped by UPS
  • 12" x 2" ramps provide transition from tile to floor
  • Modular design allows you to create a surface of any length, width or shape
  • Tiles snap together without connecting pieces, also available preassembled
Physical Properties
  • 100% recycled PVC plastic
  • Colors available: Black, Grey, Red, Pool Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Teal, Magenta, Purple, Tan, Brown

And another option ...
NAMCO is an authorized distributor for Humane Manufacturing, LLC.
For an in-depth description and techinical details of their Animal Matting,
Please view this information supplied by Humane Manufacturing, LLC.

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"Reprinted with the permission of
Humane Manufacturing, LLC,
Baraboo, WI."

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Humane Rubber Mats
  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Available in 3/4", 1/2", or 3/8" thicknesses*
  3. Excellent warranty
  4. Will not harbor or grow bacteria
  5. Made in the U.S.A.
  6. Will not cold flow
  7. Rubber mats will not curl
  8. All mats available with interlocked edges**
  9. Non-porous, nonskid surfaces
  10. Easy to install and keep clean

* Thickness recommendations vary depending upon application; various dimensions are available. Standard sizes are in stock and custom cuts are available.
Contact NAMCO for sizes and lead times.

** Roof Guard pads only available in straight edges.


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