Non Conductive:

   Protect People
VS. Conductive and Static Dissipative:

  Protect equipment

This type of electrical matting protects workers from shocks generated by high-voltage equipment. Most commonly called "Switchboard matting", these are true safety mats, designed to save employees lives.This type of matting protects sensitive equipment from static passed through the worker. Static electricity is easily generated by simply walking and is quickly passed on to equipment if not drained off the worker.


Diamond-Plate Switchboard
Designed to protect personnel in areas with dangerous high-voltage equipment, This, the newest version of high-performance non-conductive matting, can insulate against as much as 30,000 volts of electricity. Its unique diamond-embossed surface is easily cleaned and will not collect contaminants. Diamond-Plate Switchboard matting conforms to ANSI/ASTM D-178-01 Type 2, Class II.

Corrugated Switchboard

Corrugated Switchboard matting offers peace of mind! It protects workers from harmful or deadly electrical shock with its ability to insulate against extremely high voltage. Corrugated Switchboard matting conforms to ANSI/ASTM D-178-01.

Part Number Stock Sizes
701.14x2x75BK2' x 75'
701.14x3x75BK3' x 75'
701.14x4x75BK4' x 75'


Electrically Conductive Diamond-Plate Runner
Protect sensitive equipment

The Electrically Conductive Runner 5/32" Diamond-Plate surface quickly carries off static electricity, preventing damage to vulnerable equipment. Use in aisles and heavy use areas where static prevention is a priority. Easy to maintain surface for a high-tech look.

“Electrically Conductive Smooth Runner also available”
Performance Level: BEST

Product Group Number: 785

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