Astro Turf

is finding a role in reducing highway tire noise

"Minnesota uses Astroturf to make its highways quieter"

is the headline of a copyrighted article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on February 14, 2005.
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Mpls. Star Tribune story

In an accompanying article by Laurie Blake entitled,

"AstroTurf can make for quieter highways"

She says,
"Dragging the dense, wiry, plastic grass over fresh concrete gives roads a skid-resistant surface without the annoying high-pitched whine that turned Minneapolis neighborhoods against concrete in the 1990s, ..."

She goes on to explain how Minnesota won approval from the Federal Hiway Administration to eliminate the old crosswise grooves, and since 1999 contractors have been using astroturf or other stiff bristle brushes to create an irregular, random pattern on the surface of the pavement, thus eliminating the repetitive noise or whine and still allowing for traction and safety. She explains what makes the noise and how the astroturf is being applied. She also quotes customers, drivers and contractors that have found great success in the new process.

Information on Astro-Turf

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