Food Service Mats
Designed specifically for wet areas

The perfect kitchen accessory.

NAMCO kitchen matting is ideal for anywhere food is prepared.
Liquids pass through, eliminating dangerous slip hazards. Anti-fatigue properties reduce strain from standing and improve productivity. Raised underside knobs allow improved drainage.

Recommended for cafeterias, kitchens, and restaurants as well as industrial work areas.
Two colors are available. Red, grease proof and chemical resistant, is ideal near stoves and grills. Use chemical resistant Black for general purpose areas behind counters, bars or anywhere moisture can hide.

Available in modular configurations.
A simple, multi-dimensional ramp system that uses very few parts.

Works just like a picture frame.

Reduces the risk of the mat becoming trip hazard.

Molded in Nitrile rubber for grease resistance.

Grade "A"

The Food Production Mat.

The first mat designed specifically for the food production and manufacturing industries. Its specifically formulated anti-bacterial Nitrile rubber composite is designed to withstand solutions used in a wide variety of food processing environments: vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus, and fish oil.

Grade "A" has four key features:
  1. built-in handles to ease pick-up and cleaning of the mats,
  2. hygenic portholes ans solid underside design of the mat siimplify cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food and bacteria can collect,
  3. substantial underside knobs allow quick drainage and increase the comfort level of the mat,
  4. flat, but textured surface increases traction when greasy and wet.
  • Uses Wet and greasy food production areas
  • Compound 100% Nitrile rubber composite
  • Durometer 55 per ASTM D2240
  • Coefficient of Friction .78 Dry .68 Wet per ASTM F1677
  • Tabor Abrasion <1% lost @1,000 cycles per Fed.
  • Flammability "A" rating per MVSS 302
  • Edges Molded safety bevels on all four sides
  • Thickness Approx. 1/2"
  • Warranty 2 year, conditional
  • Color Terra Cotta

    Stock sizes
    30" x 36" .......... $ 98.16
    30" x 60" .......... $ 148.82


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