Gatekeeper Mats

APM A remarkable new concept in walk-off mats that literally dams water on all four sides, stopping ice and snow melt from spreading while a cleated backing prevents movement on carpeted surfaces. Super strong, all weather surface construction and molded rubber borders trap water, soil and sand to make this the perfect mat for any climate.

Stylish Parquet design available in attractive color line.
  • Reinforced rubber raised areas to prevent pile from crushing, improving wearability
  • Polypropylene fibers and cleated, channel construction create a super-absorbent mat surface.
  • Water Accumulation is contained within molded borders.
  • Holds up to 1 gallons of water per square yard
  • Dries quickly and easily
  • To clean, simply vacuum, shake and hose
  • Cleated underside helps prevent mat movement
Benefits: Heavy duty rubber backing with built up rubber dam borders which trap water, dirt and sand keeping it contained within the mat, off the floor.

Uses: Commercial, Institutional, Professional and Industrial - highly trafficked indoor entrances.
 Fiber Content: Polyproplene (Olefin)
 Carpet weight: 25 oz./S.Y.
 Secondary backing: SBR Rubber
 Product weight: .80 lb./S.F.
2' x 3' $52.00 3' x 4' $76.08 3' x 5' $95.51
3' x 10' $191.03 4' x 6' $152.82 4' x 10' $254.67

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updated 8/27/08