Hallway and Warehouse Runners


Place over carpet in offices, halls, and aisles.
You don't have to hide your carpet to protect it. Our durable, transparent, vinyl runner shields your floor from dirt and debris, while displaying the beauty of your carpet. Recommended for use on loop-pile carpeting. Gripper teeth on underside lock into carpeting surface.

Recommended for use on loop-pile carpeting. 1/8" Gripper teeth on underside lock into carpeting surface to keep runner from "creeping". Easily cut with shears or knife to custom fit.

Clear Vinyl Runners
27" width Standard Rib
Lengths to 80'   
$3.32 Lin.Ft.
36" width Wide Rib
Lengths to 60'   
$5.49 Lin. Ft.
48" width Wide Rib
Lengths to 60'   
$8.16 Lin. Ft.

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Corrugated Runner matting fulfills a variety of purposes, including floor protection to help control floor maintenance costs, surer footing for the reduction of slips and falls, and a silencing effect on tile and hard surfaces. The Corrugated Runner features two versions, rubber and vinyl, in order to satisfy specific runner requirements. Both have excellent pliability and resilience.


Directional ribbed top surface design enhances worker traction. An improved embossed top surface enhances the mat's slip resistance and a new compound increases worker fatigue relief. PVC sponge compound relieves leg and back discomfort. All four sides are beveled and sealed to minimize tripping hazards and resists moisture penetration. Available with 4" yellow borders to create a safety zone around workers.
A "must have" for light to medium duty - dry work area.


With high profile diamond-embossed top surface, the Diamond Plate Runner yields exceptional traction from any direction. This runner is also easy to sweep clean while carts can easily roll over it. Recommended uses include: aisles, storage areas and industrial passageways. Constructed of solid PVC compound it is highly resistant to industrial chemicals. Available in O.S.H.A. colors: Black-Yellow(BY), Black-Yellow Stripe (BS), Black-Orange (BO), Black-Green (BG), Black-Red(BR), Black-Blue (BB), Black (BL), Gray (GY).

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