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Proclaim your Identity right in your Entrance
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A Gallery of Working Logo Mats

Namco Custom Flocked Logo Mats

  • FLOCKED MATS are ideal for corporate promotions or special events.

  • Our flocking process allows us to put your name and logo on any mat.

  • Flocked mats retain their bright colors and do not fade.

  • Produce an attractive entrance at an affordable price.

  • Create your own message - One time art charge $ 75.00 for first color,
    $ 35.00 each additional color.
  • Use Computerized images and logos
       avoid art & setup fees.

  • Create logos from selected Images

  • Standard image size up to 28" x 48".

  • 24 colors of flocking to choose from.

  • Oversize images available upon request.

  • Call for quantity pricing.

3' x 4'$ 100.00
3' x 5'$118.00
3' x 6'$136.00
3' x 10'$201.84
4' x 6'$165.82
4' x 8'$217.69
6' x 10'$393.67

Charcoal Tweed - Blue Tweed
Red Tweed - Green Tweed
Brown Tweed - Beige Tweed

Display the Postal image with these plush durable mats. 100% nylon, excellent for promoting postal services. Beautiful on the floor or hanging on the wall. State direction you prefer logo (horizontal, vertical).


8/27/08 Now Available for an Additional $40.00
Under United States Postal Service
Your     City, State and Zipcode

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Namco Tufted-Images Logo Mats
Setting the standard for today's logo mats
Computuft mats are produced using a computerized tufting machine that tufts each color into the carpet as the carpet is manufactured. Many colors of anti-static, solution dyed nylon are available for designing your logo. Up to six colors may be used in a single design. Computuft mats have excellent colorfastness and should be chosen when the mat placement area is exposed to direct sunlight. Jet-Print mats are manufactured using our state of the art digital printer. With this process, we can produce 3-D images, phase-in colors and fine details with excellent definition. You may choose from 25 attractive colors to produce your logo design.
2 - 4 Color Designs
SBR rubber back
SBR rubber back
Vinyl back
SizeQty 1Qty 2+Qty 1Qty 2+Qty 1Qty 2+
2' x  3' 302.37 164.96 215.64 120.47 n/a108.42
3' x  4'337.74188.50231.79129.38208.61116.44
3' x  5'353.45231.70242.55159.02218.30143.13
3' x 10'581.20443.74398.87304.55 358.98274.10
4' x  6'451.63345.58309.93237.17 278.94213.45
4' x  8'683.32514.45468.95353.06 422.06317.75
5' x  8'730.44644.03501.27442.00 451.14397.80
5' x 10'895.36805.02614.48552.48 553.03497.23
6' x 10'966.06911.06662.99625.25 596.69562.72
6' x 12'1158.481091.73795.03749.20 715.53674.28
SPECIAL SIZES - Prices are per linear foot. Rounded up.
3' (35") Wide 78.5455.00 53.9237.7448.5333.97
4' (45") Wide 106.0470.7172.7548.5165.4943.66
5' (58") Wide129.5886.4288.9459.3080.0553.37
6' (70") Wide157.08102.12107.8270.0797.0263.07


  • No art charges or setup fees
  • Maximum 6 colors including background
  • 5 - 6 Colors = additional costs, call for pricing
  • Vibrant colors to choose from in a high lustre nylon
  • Computerized tufting process provides greatest durability opposed to inlay, flocked and dyed logo mats.


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Promote your brand while protecting floors
and reducing maintenance costs with

Vinyl Loop Inlay Mats
  -  Custom Shapes and Sizes now available!  Call for quotes.


Looped and intertwined strong vinyl filaments keep high-use areas clean, safe and looking great. Designed as part of a system of coordinated entrance mats, NAMCO Vinyl Loop Mats can greatly reduce your maintenance costs by eliminating 80% of dirt accumulated in your building.
  • Durable 100% PVC scraper mat cleans shoes, keeps dirt outside.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Protected from ultraviolet light/fading.
  • 20 colors available on a single mat.

  • 2 x 3$126.00
    3 x 4$250.00
    3 x 5$312.00
    3 x 10$622.00
    4 x 6$499.00
    4 x 8$664.00
    4 x 10$829.00

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    NAMCO Vinyl Link Mats

    Hand-assembled Standard Vinyl Link offers the durability and customization of more expensive mats at an economical price. Letters and designs can be woven into the mat for added safety or decor while the link pattern with ½" x 1" openings filters dirt and debris.
    Our handcrafted Deluxe Vinyl Link is a unique message mat. Created for premium quality and incredible durability, Deluxe Vinyl Link can replicate most any insignia or logo. The wear-resistant materials and ribbed closed link designed offer traction, even under the heaviest traffic conditions.

    Click for close up of color links
  • Uses: Covered outdoor and indoor areas
  • Surface: Raised rib pattern
  • Edging: Beveled for surface use, square for recess use
  • Construction: Hand-assembled
    • Sizes up to 8' x 16'
    • Weight 2.5#/sq.ft.
    • Vinyl link woven on 12 ga. wire.
    • All mats made to order. Reinforced bevel nosing or square stub nosing attached to all edges.

    updated 6/27/08

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    Outdoor Entry "Pyramid" Mats available now with custom designed Logos.
    See more information on "Pyramid" Mats page.

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