Mud Chucker

How much mud can a Mud Chucker chuck?

As much as you can dish out and more...    TWWThe Mud Chuckerô is incredibly effective when used where shoes or boots are exposed to dirt, grass clippings, snow, salt, sand or any type of muck that is better left outside. It's designed to scrape dirt, snow, grass clippings or any other muck off the sides of boots or shoes. That's where the Mud Chuckerô performs at its best. The pliable rubber fingertips on its side walls quickly remove the extra gunk, before it can be tracked inside. Use it in conjunction with a traditional entrance met in really challenging areas, or as a stand-alone product in tight spaces. Designing to be bolted or staked down in permanent applications, it also functions as a mobile entrance met for workers who constantly toiled in muddy or messy areas and then travel to the next location.

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