NAMCO Fast Drying Non-Slip Entry Mats

3' x 4' for only $31.62

Non-slip entry mats are some North American Mat Co.ís best-value products. These affordable mats are very desirable for just about any business, and they work very well as a safe indoor entry mat.

Designed to function as indoor floor mats and indoor entry mats, the Fast Drying Non-Slip Entry Mat can easily absorb many different types of debris and liquid. It quickly soaks up rainwater and snow melt, as well as dirt or mud from outside, keeping expensive carpeting and flooring further inside your building dry and stain free. These high-quality custom entry mats are very easy to maintain and clean, made from 100 percent Olefin that is permanently bonded to a heavy vinyl backing and available in a spectrum of colors.

These mats rarely show any sign of wear, and are solution dyed to prevent fading. Plus, every mat is backed by a two-year warranty against wear and tear. They are a non-staining product, as well, and do not show the dirt and water they take in.

These floor mats can be customized to fit just about any space. You can choose the perfect size and color for your ideal custom floor mat or custom entry mat. They can be easily shipped just about anywhere in the U.S., or you can check out the custom entry mats for yourself in the North American Mat Co. showroom in Hollandale, Minnesota.

To learn more or to find out about custom mat solutions, call NAMCO today at 800-533-2225 or 507-889-2088.

Non-Slip Commercial Entry Mats
100% Olefin is permanently bonded to heavy vinyl backing. Will not chip, crack, peel, or become brittle like rubber. Non-staining. Dirt, even ink, can't discolor fibers. Rapid drying, big water capacity (1.2 gallons per square yard). Passes all codes and U.S. Dept. of Commerce, including flammability. All mats are backed by a two-year warranty against wear. Easy to clean... vacuum and hose!

USES: Indoor entrances.

Thick, plush Olefin surface absorbs water and dirt from shoes while hiding it from sight. Top-selling mat provides elegance yet keeps floors clean.
Broad selection of colors. Easy to clean, dries quickly. Solution dyed to prevent fading.

Non Slip Entry Mat for Home

Fiber: Polyproplene (Olefin)
Fiber weight: .10 lb./S.F.
Backing: PVC (Vinyl)
Backing weight: .65 lb./S.F.
2' X 3' $ 18.23
3' X 4' $ 34.78
3' X 5' $ 45.79
3' X 10' $ 91.58
4' X 6' $73.26
4' X 8' $ 97.68
6' X 8' $146.52
6' X 10' $183.15
6' X 12' $219.78

3', 4' & 6' Runners,
Up To 60' Long - $3.40 /sq. ft.


  • Shipping .75 lbs. per sq. ft.

    Made in the U.S.A.

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    updated 1/27/09