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Astro Turf 
Rubber Brush 
Spaghetti or Vinyl Loop 
Super Tread 
Tire Link 
Vinyl Link

Astro-Turf & Super Astro-Turf
Astro-Turf Specs

Use : outdoor, protected
Top Fibers : high-performance polyethylene
Backing : Anti-skid polyethylene
Thickness : 5/8"

  • Available with or without edging
  • Resistant to most common chemicals
  • Slip resistant backing
  • Edging recommended for all traffic sides
  • Medium/heavy traffic.
  • Colors: Brown, Black, Cocoa, Dark Gray, Red
  • Super Astro-Turf Specs

    Use : outdoor, indoor, recessed wells
    Top Fibers : high-performance polyethylene
    Backing : Anti-skid polyethylene
    Thickness : 7/8"

  • Next generation Astro-Turf
  • 40% thicker, 20% denser, 15% heavier than Astro-Turf
  • Fibers spring back to shape even under heavy traffic
  • Easy to shape or always clean
  • Edging the recommended for all traffic sides
  • Heavy traffic
  • Colors: Charcoal, Desert Taupe, Meadow Green

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    Black Rubber Brush Mats
    "Mat-A-Dor TM"

    Mat-A-Dor Brush Mats
    Automatic Cleaning Action...just step on this mat and instantly as the shoes touch the mat, hundreds of tough flexible rubber fingers are activated under the shoe soles...pushing, brushing, scraping dirt off shoes, dropping it directly down into the base of the mat. Stored there, deep in the mat, trapped dirt is concealed from view. Mat appears "empty: until you shake it out. Offers ample storage space to control dirt and water accumulated from the heaviest foot traffic situation. Easy to clean during normal maintenance routine.

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    Spaghetti Mats also called Vinyl Loop Mats

    Custom Commercial Entry Mats
    • Excellent Scraping Action and multidirectional walking surface.
    • UV stabilized to resist fading.
    • Use in exterior or interior applications.
    • Resistant to stain, mildew and most chemicals.
    • Easy Maintenance and cleaning. Just Shake and hose down to clean.
    • Tight weave eliminates entrapment of stones, cigarette butts and other objects.
    • Plasticized coating keeps the mat from fraying or loops from coming loose reducing tripping and increasing wearability.
    • Available in roll goods for field cutting.

    Spaghetti Mat Backed and Unbacked

    Standard Sizes with backing;
    Beveled edging all sides

    Size  Weight Each
    2'x3'  4 lbs.
    3'x4'  7
    3'x5' 9
    4'x6' 15
     4'x10'  24
    Roll Lengths with backing;
    Beveled edging on long sides only
    Size Wt. Sq. Ft.
    3'x60' .60 lbs.
    4'x60' .60
    Cut Lengths with backing;
    Beveled edging on long edges only
    Size Wt. Sq. Ft.
    3' up to 60' .60 lbs.
    4' up to 60' .60
    Heavy Duty Standard Sizes with backing;
    *If no backing is desired, specify without backing.
    Beveled edging on all sides
    Size  Weight Each
    3'x5' 12
    4'x6' 19
    *If no backing is desired, specify without backing.

    Note: Roll and cut lengths are available.

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    Recommended for: outdoor entrances of restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations.

    Durable, nitrile rubber cleats remove dirt and moisture and trap them below the mat surface.

    • Excellent anti-skid surface
    • Gripper backing reduces mat movement
    • Withstands demanding outdoor environments with little maintenance

    Cross section profile
    Stock Sizes:
    3'x 5'     43" x 67"
    Not available in roles or custom cut.

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    Heavy Duty Tire Link Mats

    Designed for the toughest industrial uses

    Namco Tire Link Mats are made from rubberized fabric-tire links with a durable herringbone weave design .

    Ideal for schools, industrial or factory entrances; factory or kitchen fatigue mats. Links are 2¾" long woven on galvanized steel rods.

    Sizes available
    24 x 36
    24 x 48
    30 x 60
    36 x 60
    36 x 72
    Quantity discounts available
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    Hand-assembled Standard Vinyl Link offers the durability and customization of more expensive mats at an economical price. Letters and designs can be woven into the mat for added safety or decor while the link pattern with ½" x 1" openings filters dirt and debris.
    Our handcrafted Deluxe Vinyl Link is a unique message mat. Created for premium quality and incredible durability, Deluxe Vinyl Link can replicate most any insignia or logo. The wear-resistant materials and ribbed closed link designed offer traction, even under the heaviest traffic conditions.
    Click for close up of color links
  • Uses: Covered outdoor and indoor areas
  • Surface: Raised rib pattern
  • Edging: Beveled for surface use, square for recess use
  • Construction: Hand-assembled
    • Sizes up to 8' x 16'
    • Weight 2.5#/sq.ft.
    • Vinyl link woven on 12 ga. wire.
    • All mats made to order. Reinforced bevel nosing or square stub nosing attached to all edges.

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