NAMCO Grand Premier Rubber Back Mats

The beauty of our GRAND PREMIER with radial design and fabric fashion border creates a truly unique entryway for your guests. Our double radial design will give any hallway, lobby or counter-front a special look. Create the ultimate visual appearance with seven well-balanced colors.
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AND An attractive diamond-shape face pattern of 36 oz. 100% solution-dyed anti-static poly-propylene on rubber backing. Backing has grippers for use on carpet and hard surfaces. Available in three styles. Overall mat thickness is "AND

Half Oval One End
35"x 66"14 lbs.$ 122.27
45"x 71"19 lbs$ 174.89
45"x125"31 lbs.$ 358.97
71"x139"52 lbs.$ 595.08
71"x185"70 lbs.$ 790.02
Half Oval
35"x 22"6 lbs.$  39.99
45"x 27"19 lbs$  68.19
71"x40"31 lbs.$ 146.71
Half Oval Both Ends
35"x 86"17 lbs.$ 157.82
35"x134"26 lbs$ 285.71
45"x 96"24 lbs.$ 237.12
45"x145"36 lbs.$ 410.39
71"x122"42 lbs.$ 518.13
Many additional Sizes are possible - Call a customer care representative for details.

Complimentary rectangle mats available in 6ft. widths and up to 61 ft. long.
Priced at $49.00 per lineal ft. These mats have heavy duty black rubber borders.

Updated 1/20/09

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