The chair mat as beautiful as your furniture

Introducing SnapMat™, the new stylish and functional chair mat with a difference. Our patent-pending design comes in a variety of finishes to match your furniture and decor. Your chair will roll quickly and easily over SnapMat's tough laminated wood surface. It's like having a small, portable hardwood floor custom installed in front of your desk.

These unique new chairmats add an elegant touch of class to any modern or traditional office environment. snap man would share mats are available in the traditional shape with a lip, a standard rectangle and a new round shape. They come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any office space.
SnapMat's new one-piece, beveled edge mats are available in three striking finishes: Cherry, Oak and Walnut (at no difference in price). While most chair mats are known to eat eventually crack or wear through, this new solid wood snap mats last virtually for ever and is guaranteed against breaks and cracks.
Our mats are made from an ultra-durable laminate that resists impacts, scratches, wear, burns and stains. SnapMats stay in place on carpet or hard floors with rubberized pads, not those sharp spikes that can damage carpet and pierce concealed wire. Have you ever tried to move a conventional plastic chair mat? They're cumbersome, full of shocking static electricity and those spikes can often puncture your skin.

A SnapMat is definitely more expensive than a cheap plastic mat, but it is the finest and most advanced chair mat in the world. Some people pay anywhere from 500 to 5000 for a high-quality desk chair. Doesn't your chair deserve something better than a piece of plastic?


Available in Cherry , Oak & Walnut
Traditional Shaped Mats
SMTO-3644218Small traditional one piece 36"x44" w/ 21"x8" lip 187.00
SMTO-4272210Medium traditional one piece42"x72" w/22"x10" lip 193.00
SMTO-47472710Large traditional one piece 47"x47"w/27"x10" lip 199.00
XL traditional one piece 48"x55w/27"x8" 253.00
Rectangular Shaped Mats
SMRO-3642Small rectangle one piece 36"x42"$187.00
SMRO-4247Medium rectangle one piece 42"x47"$193.00
SMRO-4647Large rectangle one piece 46"x47" $199.00
SMRO-4855X-Large Rectangular One Piece Mat 48" x 55" $253.00
Round Shaped Mats
SMCO-4747" Round Mat 189.00

Available in Cherry, Walnut & Oak
Other colors and sizes available.
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