NAMCO Vinyl Link Mats

Hand-assembled Standard Vinyl Link offers the durability and customization of more expensive mats at an economical price. Letters and designs can be woven into the mat for added safety or decor while the link pattern with ½" x 1" openings filters dirt and debris.
Vinyl Link Mats
Vinyl Link Mats
Vinyl Link Mats
Our handcrafted Deluxe Vinyl Link is a unique message mat. Created for premium quality and incredible durability, Deluxe Vinyl Link can replicate most any insignia or logo. The wear-resistant materials and ribbed closed link designed offer traction, even under the heaviest traffic conditions.

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  • Uses: Covered outdoor and indoor areas
  • Surface: Raised rib pattern
  • Edging: Beveled for surface use, square for recess use
  • Construction: Hand-assembled
    • Sizes up to 8' x 16'
    • Weight 2.5#/sq.ft.
    • Vinyl link woven on 12 ga. wire.
    • All mats made to order. Reinforced bevel nosing or square stub nosing attached to all edges.

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    updated 4/22/08