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North American Mat Company is located in Hollandale Minnesota and specializes in providing its customers with a variety of high quality, affordable matting. Check us out for your indoor, outdoor, office and industrial matting needs.

We can provide:

  • Scraper mat
  • Entrance mats
  • Logo mats
  • Non-slip mats
  • Drainage mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Yoga mats
  • Desk chair mats
  • Decorative mats


Designing an office, business or home is done carefully, and you have to choose what items best fit the feel and function the space was created for. At North American Mat Co., they believe in preserving those spaces by supplying high-quality floor mats. The floors of your building do not deserve to be ruined with mud, snow, water and dirt. With stylish, functional indoor/outdoor mats, you can protect your floors and the people who walk on them every day.

NAMCO was established in 1968, and since its creation, their primary goal has been to provide excellent and affordable mats to just about any industry. It is their priority to supply the floor mats that keep other businesses running. NAMCO understands that their mats are – quite literally – supporting the efforts of thousands of people across the country. Those mats should stay strong and carry the people who walk on them every day, so that dog groomers, chefs, mechanics and accountants alike – and, most importantly, their customers – can confidently walk on dry, clean floors.

The commercial floor mats that North American Mat Co. offers can be as different as the businesses themselves. Their entry mats can be customized with logos and colors to best represent an organization’s brand or match existing office décor. Logo floor mats are available in many colors and shapes, so they can truly showcase your particular brand. Commercial floor mats and logo floor mats can be used in just about any environment, whether they are needed indoors, outdoors or both. As a company headquartered in Minnesota, harsh weather is no stranger to the hardworking North American Mat Co. employees. They understand how important it is for the commercial mats and entry mats to tolerate just about any type of weather. From fluffy snow to pouring rain, their logo floor mats can handle just about everything that’s thrown at them while still looking great.

Many mats provided by North American Mat Co. are designed to serve a special purpose or industry. For example, scraper mats channel dirt and debris from shoes and boots while keeping water from reaching the rest of the floor. These mats are great for shopping malls or grocery store foyers, where customers bring all sorts of dirt and mud on their shoes from big parking lots. Scraper mats can also work well for businesses that have both a warehouse and a showroom or office. Used to prevent debris from the warehouse from reaching the other parts of the property, a scraper mat traps dirt and moisture and keeps office floors clean. Scraper mats also work in conjunction with other mats to make sure your floors stay dry and clean. For instance, shoes can be wiped clean on a rubber scraper mat, and a cloth mat further inside the building can absorb or trap any excess moisture.

Every person at North American Mat Co. is proud of the hard work they put in to keep businesses and homes throughout the country dry and safe. Check out the full line of quality matting available online now or stop in and learn more at NAMCO’s facility Hollandale, Minnesota. For more information or to inquire about special orders, call NAMCO today at 800-533-2225 or 507-889-2088.