Quality Matting Since 1968

Flex Step

Reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity by creating a more comfortable work environment. The soft domes on the mat trap air and provide an improved surface for workers standing for long periods of time. Anti-static properties of the mat protect electrical equipment from static shock. The non-slip backing holds the mat in place, while the beveled edges reduce the risk of trips and falls.


  • Air domes provide comfort for legs, feet and back
  • Beveled edges increase safety by helping to prevent trips and falls
  • Unique construction helps to reduce fatigue and discomfort in addition to increasing worker productivity
  • Composed of 100% rubber for maximum durability
  • Made from recycled rubber and is fully recyclable


  • Customer Service counters
  • Building reception and registration counters
  • Work Stations
  • Hostess Stations
  • Industrial Areas


  • 2x3
  • 3x5


2’x3’ $34.99
3’x5’ $86.99